Dr. Ragheb El-Sergany

Thanks to Allah who gave us this great opportunity to invite Dr. Ragheb Elsergany

Dr. Ragheb Elsergany has a good knowledge about Islamic intellectual and researcher with special interest in Islamic History.

Professor, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
Chairman of the Civilization Center for Historical studies, Cairo, Egypt.
Supervisor, Islam Story Website (one of the largest Arabic website in Islamic History)
http://www.islamstory.net/ (English)
http://www.islamstory.com/default.aspx (Arabic)
Presented hundreds of lectures in Both Muslim and Non Muslim nations.
Published 17 Books on Islamic History.
Presented several TV programs on various satellite channels.
Published hundreds of audio tapes of lectures in several topics.

Dr. Ragheb Elsergany has visited Japan from 1st May – 7th May 2008.
He presented this lecture in Sendai on the 5th of May 2008.

The lecture presented by Dr. Ragheb El-Sergany in Sendai Masjid is now available Online.