Ramadan Qur’an Competition

The ICCS is organizing a Quran recitation competition to coincide with the Holy month of Ramadan of the current year 1436/2015.

1) Adult Competition:

Participation is open to all members of ICCS and their families. Winners will receive prizes according to the following categories:

Level Level Requirements
First level Memorizing one of these surahs:
1. An-Nahl
2. Al-Isra’
3. Al-Anfal
Second level Memorizing one of these surahs:
1. Ar-Rum
2. Ash-Shura
3. Az-Zukhruf
Third level Memorizing Any Surah or part of surah

Each winner will also receive an honor certificate from ICCS Insya Allah.

2) Kids Competition:

Any kid up to age 14 can participate in this competition. The competition is being able to memorize and recite a section of ((جزء عم. There will be gifts for all participants in kids’ competition beside honorary certificates from ICCS as well in shaa Allah.

Level Level Requirements
First level Memorizing Whole Juz’ 30
Second level Memorizing up to Surat Al-A’la
Third level Memorizing any surah or part of surah

Date for the competition: Last 10 days of Ramadan
Venue: Sendai Masjid

To join, please introduce yourself to Sheikh Utsman after Qyam prayers at any night of the last ten days of Ramadhan. The time for ceremony to distribute the prizes will be decided befor the beginning of the competition Insya Allah.